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We can identify the best page for you on our huge network of sites. Simply e-mail us and tell us what you need!

Dime A Day Online Advertising - We are only successful if you are!

Need more customers for your Business?

Dime-A-Day Advertising


Do you want to find them at an affordable price?

Dime-A-Day Advertising

Well let us explain how you can do that in a video - with a tune that will stay with you all day! ...

Now, all you have to do is pick the page you want (and try and forget that tune ...)

Dime-A-Day Advertising is a realistically priced option for any business to get decent positioning online, producing leads from the web that they could not get in any other way.

On a strictly first-come first served basis we offer web pages on a huge network of sites that target the keywords that will really matter to your business. Too many smaller online businesses cannot be found by customers and we offer the chance for you and your business to compete with the big boys!

With our pages you do not get a small ad alongside your competition - you get a whole page to sell your business, and its products and services, without any competition whatsoever from any other business!

We can identify the best page for you on our huge network of sites. Simply e-mail us and tell us what you need!

How Dime-A-Day Advertising Works

We have created just over 1.75 million webpages on 324 different websites; these pages are each available for $36.50 per year and you can supply wording about you and your business to replace the wording currently on the page.

We have created the pages, we have the positioning and the links - you have the wording!

Unlike normal online advertising you do not simply get a banner or a pop-up or placed in an auction with competitors bidding for every click - you get to stretch out; you get a whole page to yourself to do with as you see fit.

You might:

  • Tell your businesses story,
  • Write about what products and services you can provide,
  • Publicize yourself setting out what you can do for your target customer or
  • Simply list all your products and services as a price list.

You have a whole page to yourself with:

  • No competitors,
  • No price comparisons and
  • No "reviews" completed by rivals trying to undermine your business.

A whole page to yourself to tell your customers everything they need to know!

We can identify the best page for you on our huge network of sites. Simply e-mail us and tell us what you need!

What To Do Next

You can send your content to dime.a.day.advertising@gmail.com as soon as you are ready. Please put the page name given to you by Paypal into the e-mail header.

We accept:

  • MSWord, Wordpad or Notepad documents or you can put the wording in the body of the e-mail - between 500 and 1,500 words works best. Do not worry about providing html although you can if you want to.
  • Up to five JPEG, GIF or PNG files - one of these can be named "header" if you want it at the top of the page.
  • A link to a page on your website or your e-mail address - all the leads will contact you via this link.

We cannot place any animation or flash on the page due to memory constraints and the effect on the overall site speed.

You send your wording and images and we will worry about putting it onto the web page.

The Small Print

  1. The page will look like the page from where you ordered; simply send us your wording and images to replace ours.
  2. Your 365 day advertisement starts 7 days after you place your order - this gives you time to adjust what your page will look like and make changes to your copy or your images, before your page goes live.
  3. If you wish to make substantive changes to the copy, or change any of the images, after the first seven days then there will be an administration charge of $15 each time - if you choose to keep the original wording and images there are no other charges whatsoever until you renew in a years time.
  4. You will have first option on the page for next, and all of the following, years - should you keep renewing the page then you will keep the page until you choose not to.
  5. You will be contacted 14 days before your renewal is due - unlike other sites we do not automatically renew your payments; you will not be charged again should you not want to keep the page.

We can identify the best page for you on our huge network of sites. Simply e-mail us and tell us what you need!

Great Businesses need to be found by great customers!

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